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Rona Apsari is a fashion design graduate from LaSalle College Vancouver and fashion marketing at Blanche Macdonald Centre. She studied fashion design for a year in her native Indonesia and transferred to Vancouver to pursue her career. She is currently pursuing bachelor of public relations at Humber College.

Coming from an artistic family, Rona discovered her passion for design at a young age. She is a skilled and creative fashion professional specializing in innovative designs, with experience in retail. She has an eye for shapes and details, and can easily use structure or surface manipulation to create interest. She is very skilled in fashion illustration.
Rona aims to create effortless clothes that are timeless and that can transform the wearer, with combinations of softness and structure, and clean lines with dreamy silhouettes. Her Inspirations come from her travels as well as the latest trends.
Her knowledge of textiles and colour enable her to deliver cohesive and marketable products for her target costumer.  

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